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No. Name Membership No. Email Category
1 Mrs. Sulthanbawa F Y 550M Fellow
2 Mr. Abeygoonaratne K 350M kithsiriabey[AT] Member
3 Mr. Abeygunawardena P N Y 481M Member
4 Mr. Abeykoon A M M V 1388L virajabeykoontri[AT] Licentiate
5 Mr. H L R H Abeyrathna 1523T hasantha87[AT] Technician
6 Mrs. Abeysekera N P 750G Associate
7 Dr.(Ms.) M Abeysekera 81M stdpmg[AT] Member
8 Mr. Abeysinghe D M U J 729M Member
9 Mr. Abeysinghe S E 860M Member
10 - Abeysinghe A H M A S T 1162A Associate
11 Ms. Abeysinghe Y N 1219A Associate
12 Mr. Abeysiri W C 721G Associate
13 Abeywardena H K P 305G Associate
14 Ms. Abeywickrama C 789G Associate
15 Ms. Abeywickrama W D C S 1684A Associate
16 Mr. Abeywicrama K R W 1020M rabeywickrama2000[AT] Licentiate
17 Mr. Adhikari A R 1714A aradhikari.359[AT] Associate
18 Ms. Ahmad S B N 1422A sbnahmad[AT] Associate
19 Ms. Ajanthy M 1694A majanthy[AT] Associate
20 Mr. Akila M H T 1576A trishakil[AT] Associate
21 Dr.(Mrs.) Alagesan K 1064G Associate
22 Ms. Alahakoon A R V I 741G Associate
23 Mrs. Alahakoon A P L C 687T Technician
24 Ms. Alahapperuma H R R 624G Associate
25 Mr. Alles W R N 1241A Associate
26 Dr.(Ms.) Aluthge D L C 691M Member
27 Prof. Aluwihare A 1435HF aluwihare[AT] Hon.Fellow
28 Ms. Alwis D D D H 1209A Associate
29 Dr. Amarakone S P 117M Member
30 Mr. Amarakoon H A K 570M amitha629[AT] Member


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