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The Institute of Chemistry Ceylon is the successor to the Chemical Society of Ceylon (founded 1941) and was established in the year 1971 for the general advancement of the science and practice of chemistry. The Institute is a learned society catering to the Chemical Sciences as well as a professional, qualifying and examination body looking after and responsible for the maintenance and enhancement of the profession of Chemistry in Sri Lanka.  It is the oldest such body in any branch of the basic sciences in Sri Lanka.  The Golden Jubilee of the Institute was held in 1991 & the Diamond Jubilee in 2001


The Institute of Chemistry Ceylon was incorporated by Act of Parliament No. 15 of 1972 with the following aims and objectives:-


(a) to promote and advance the science of Chemistry and its applications in Sri Lanka.

(b) to advise the Government, and give counsel to public corporations, local bodies and other institutions on all matters connected with the application of Chemistry to the progress and development of the country.


(c) promote  the  acquisition,  dissemination and  interchange of chemical knowledge by:- providing a forum for the presentation of original communications and discussions thereon; establishing and maintaining libraries; publishing matters of interest to the profession of chemistry & any other means; 

(d) to promote education in chemistry at all levels;


(e) to promote, encourage and foster original research in Chemistry


(f) to assess the eligibility of candidates for admission to the various grades of membership;


(g)to conduct or provide for the conduct of the qualifying examinations for all grades of membership of the Institute and to promote, provide or approve programmes of study for such examinations ;


(h) to conduct or provide for the conduct of examinations for the award of diplomas, certificates and other distinctions, in such branches of Chemistry as the Institute may from time to time, deem necessary and to prescribe, approve or provide programmes of study for such examinations ;


(i) to ensure the maintenance of high standards in the professional activities and the general conduct of its members ;


(j) to establish liaison with other scientific and professional organizations ;


(k) to establish and enhance the status of the profession of Chemistry in Ceylon ;


(l) to take any other measures that may be necessary for the attainment of all or any of the objectives of the Institute.

The Institute was declared as an approved charity by an Order published by the Hon’ble Minister of Finance in the Government Gazette No. 121 of 26.12.80.  Donations made by any institution or individual to the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, are therefore deductible from the assessable income of such institution or individual for income tax purposes.


The Institute of Chemistry Ceylon maintains very close links with Sri Lanka Section of the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK (Founded, 1953) and invites the Chairman of the latter body to attend its Council meetings on a regular basis. 


The Institute is (since 1980) a member   of the Organisation of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka (OPASL) and maintains close contact with numerous other professional and learned bodies in Sri Lanka.

Since October 2005, the Institute of Chemistry continues to have a room on the Ground Floor as its Colombo Office.

At an international level, the Institute is a founder member of the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS, established 1979) and is since 2009 now a full member of the International Union of Pure & Applied Chemistry, (IUPAC). Regular contact is maintained with the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, the American Chemical Society and parallel professional bodies in other countries. The Registrar, Royal Society of Chemistry, UK co-ordinates the external moderation/ examination of question papers/scripts of the Graduateship Examinations. The Australian National Chemistry Quiz conducted by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute was conducted in Sri Lanka for the fifteenth consecutive year in July 2011. Students in the Senior Division who answer all questions correctly are annually awarded scholarships to follow the entire Graduateship Programmes free of charge.


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The Institute of Chemistry Ceylon has since its inception as the Chemical Society and for many years received an annual Government grant through the Ministry of Science and Technology. However this grant to all similar scientific institutions ahs not been made for the past five years. Income received by the Institute has been exempted from the levy of income tax by Section 3 of the Inland Revenue Amendment Act No. 8 of 1988.


The Logo of the Institute (see front cover) contains the structure of Adamantane, which is a stable molecule that was synthesized in 1941, the founding year of the Institute’s predecessor, the Chemical Society of Ceylon. The Institute has a 71 year old history and has remained stable like adamantane and grown from strength to strength over these many years. The growth received tangible fruition with the opening of its own Headquarters aptly named Adamantane House on 25.02.05



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The Institute of Chemistry Ceylon conducts various professional academic and dissemination activities every year. These include Quiz competitions amongst school children, Lectures, Orations, Training Seminars, Exhibitions, Industrial visits & Social activities.

However the principal annual activity is the Annual Sessions that is conducted every June and enables members to present their research papers at technical sessions. The Annual Session commences with a formal Ceremonial Inauguration, during which the out going President delivers a Presidential Address and the Annual Awards of the Institute are presented. The Annual General Meeting of the Institute, at which the Council for the next year is elected, is also held after the Ceremonial Inauguration. Award Addresses and Memorial Lectures are also delivered during the annual session.Each Annual Session usually has a Theme designated by the President. A Theme Seminar based on the theme is usually conducted to emphasize the areas covered by the theme. More recently it has become the practice to invite a number of foreign scientists to participate in the theme seminar which has tended in recent years to become a bigger event than a mere theme seminar. In line with these developments regional /international seminars have been conducted annually from 2005. This activity reached a peak with the conduct of a fully organized international conference called CHEMTECH in 2007. Another International Conference is being held in June 2012 as part of the 41st Annual Sessions.


The Annual Dinner of the Institute is conducted jointly with the Sri Lanka Section of the Royal Society of Chemistry at the end of every annual session. The new President of the Institute is formally inducted in to his office by the out going President during the Annual Dinner.

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