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Undergraduate Research

The importance of research in chemistry for the students enrolled in the Graduateship in Chemistry course is recognized. Many GIC students get an opportunity to register for the course on “research methods in chemistry” and to conduct a  project under the supervision of one of our academic staff on a selected topic relates to Chemical Sciences such as  Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Biofuels and Renewable Energy Sources, Cosmetic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry and Photochemistry and Chemical Sensors. Students can conduct a project that suits their interest and in the process gain valuable scientific research experience including the handling of state-of-the-art instruments as well as the opportunity to finally publish their work in scientific journals.

CCS organizes an undergraduate research symposium in August each year where students present their research work.  In addition to the 20-minute research presentations, they do a research poster presentation as well.

Database of Undergraduate Research

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Proceedings of Research Symposiums

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