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Students’ Association

The Students’ Association of the College of Chemical Sciences, Institute of Chemistry Ceylon represents the entire student population of the College (i.e. the students enrolled under both the Graduateship in Chemistry programme and the Diploma in Laboratory Technology in Chemistry programme). The executive members who are selected by the student community form the Student Council. These members act as representatives of the student community in matters concerning the student community. The Students’ Association works cooperatively with the academics and the administration of the Institute and plays an important role in maintaining a healthy relationship between the student community and the administration.

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 Objectives and Duties:  

  • To represent the interests of the students and inform the Institute as to their needs, issues and problems.
  • To act as liaisons between the administration and the student community and mediate the development of good relationships between the two bodies.
  • Inform the students in the matters of development within the College and promote their active participation in such activities.
  • Play a major role in the organization of events conducted at the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon.
  • Promote the development of leadership, organization skills, interpersonal skills, independence and professionalism amongst the students as future professionals.
  • Act as the chief student body in coordinating all the other student clubs within the College.