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Dr. Mohomed Infas

email   : infas_m@yahoo.com
Phone : +94 11 2861653
Office  : Room

Senior Lecturer


Ph.D. – University of St. Andrews, United Kingdom
M.Res. – University of Bath, United Kingdom
Graduateship in Chemistry – College of Chemical Sciences, Sri Lanka

Research Interests

Research activities are mainly aimed at design and synthesis of functional solid state materials and investigating their properties for specific applications such as, Gas Separation, Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Bio applications.

Teaching Areas

Basic Inorganic Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Spectroscopic Methods in   Inorganic Chemistry, Advanced Inorganic Materials, Crystallography

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Dr Infas focuses his research on interdisciplinary projects concerning sustainability and human health by designing functional solid state materials, inorganic-organic hybrid solids from molecular building blocks to impact both academic and industrial research. His the main areas includes Storage and Separations, Biomedical Applications, and Metal Organic Frameworks as Sensors.