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Dr.Gobika Thiripuranathar

email   : tgobika@yahoo.com
Phone : +94 11 2861653
Office  : Room 3005

Senior Lecturer


PhD – Chemistry, Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh (2011).

Graduateship in Chemistry – College of Chemical Sciences, Institute of Chemistry Ceylon

Research Interests

Natural product Chemistry

Teaching Areas

General and Inorganic chemistry, stereochemistry, Spectroscopy, Molecular Polyhedra and Organometallic chemistry

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Sri Lanka is a tropical country which is blessed with lots of Natural sources which has exceptional biological activities and distinctive pharmacological effects. Sri Lanka has been identified as a biodiversity hot spot. The bioactive natural products available in natural sources can therefore be effectively used as alternative for synthetic products.

Dr Gobika’s research is mainly focused on the isolation and characterization of novel biologically active natural products with diverse chemical structure, from various fruits and vegetables which are endemic to Sri Lanka. For this purpose we perform antioxidant assay, antimicrobial assay and anti-inflammatory assay to identify whether the extracts of these fruits and vegetables have above mentioned potential activities. Bio active fractions of these extracts will be subjected to bio assay guided fractionations in order to isolate bio active compounds. In addition to that we are intend to develop value added products if they have potential health promoting activities.