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Rector’s Message



Message from the Rector

Knowledge is becoming a key resource in the world today due to which highly competent professionals and graduates, especially in the field of such a fundamental science as Chemistry,are much sought after and highly valued. The challenge that we have taken up at the College of Chemical Sciences, is to generate highly skilled professionals who are not only competent and knowledgeable, but also innovative and have the capacity to generate novel ideas that benefit society. To meet this challenge, we have brought together the best and brightest academics staff from various universities, businesses, and government agencies, as well as research institutions.It is our intention to light and tend to the flame of inspiration and scientific learning in all students who pass through our doors, so that they would go out and change the world for a better future.We look forward to welcoming you to the College of Chemical Sciences, Institute of Chemistry Ceylon and wish you success in your academic studies. My warmest wishes,

Prof. Sujatha Hewage,
Honorary Rector,
College of Chemical Sciences