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Carrier Guidance Unit

Career Guidance Unit of Institute of Chemistry was initiated in year 2014 and is conducted by the Alumni Association of College of Chemical Sciences as a voluntary unit, in order to support, advice and guide students to meet employers in the field of Chemistry. The main purpose of this unit is to develop and enhance the career related skills such as communication skills, leadership and teamwork skills and managerial skills.

The framework of the CGU is organized around three main areas;

  • Personal Development: Mock interviews, CV writing and to conduct interactive sessions.
  • Professional Development:Talks on Career Opportunities, Job bank / Networking and Industrial Visits and Seminars.
  • Research & Academic Development:Advice on higher studies and research.

The workshops and seminars organized by the CGU so far:

  • Routes for higher studies after completion of GIC.
  • CV writing and personal development.
  • Workshop on Mock Interview Sessions
  • Entrepreneurship and Leadership qualities.

The installation of the CGU was done by our own alumni members from both industry and academia who are working voluntarily for the betterment of the institute and the students. Dr. Mohammad Infas serves as the chair of the Unit.