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IChemC undergraduate receives a research scholarship from Oxford University, UK

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Lihini Jayasinghe is a third-year undergraduate of the Graduateship in Chemistry (GIC) Programme conducted by the College of Chemical Sciences (CCS), Institute of Chemistry Ceylon. Every year, the RSC offers two scholarships for undergraduate students around the world who are passionate and enthusiastic about conducting research. As competitive as it was, out of the many who applied, Lihini was fortunate enough to become one of the recipients of the scholarship that gave her the remarkable opportunity to conduct research at Oxford University, UK for a period of six weeks.

At Oxford, she researched on the Screening of 3D micro-tumors with anti-cancer drugs under the supervision of Professor Hagan Bayley. Amidst the lectures and practical schedule that she has to keep up with at CCS, the researcher in her continues to strive to reach heights which is why, upon her return, she has joined hands with SLINTEC as a research intern to conduct research on Graphene reinforced polymer composites. As an undergraduate, Lihini continues to perform with flying colors at the GIC Programme and would undoubtedly reach her ultimate goal of becoming an ardent scientist in her field of interest.