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Christmas party – Noel Ensemble

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The bright lights, baubles and the boisterous laughter that echoes down the stairways, as one enters the lotus ballroom of the grand oriental hotel, give a sense of Christmas and all that it would entail at “Nole Ensemble” – 2015.


For us, Christmas began a long time before the down of December. From the moment the opportunity of hosting the annual Christmas party of CCS befall on us, we, the batch of 2015/18 ventured on journey that was both challenging and life changing.


With the weight of a heavy budget close to 1 million on our shoulders, the frenzy of finding sponsors and ‘ad hunting’  began .A car wash held as a fund raising project with the collaborative effort of all batch members. Even amidst exams, our energetic crew was determined to continue choir, dance and drama practices along with the preparation of invitations, souvenir and decor. We, as a batch learnt how to negotiate deals, manage finances and most importantly, to work together irrespective of individual differences and momentary disagreements.


Tine flew towards the end of the journey, freezing on the fabulous Sunday of 13th of December 2015 at the Grand oriental Hotel, York Street. The night was graced by the presence of the chief guest, the dean of CCS, Mr. M.R.M Haniffa, the guest honor Mrs.Mandrupa Fernando, the wife of late prof.J.N.O Fernando, lectures and fellow Ichem students. Theme red and gold, we touched on the warmth and merriment of Christmas with splendid food and beverages, entertainment items, unforgettable games that the lectures participated in, followed by the beats of the DJ th which all of us dance to our heart’s content.


Noel Ensemble2015 was not just a night. It was a journey that enriched us with exposure, entertainment and an avalanche of memories that would be cherished for life.