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B.Sc. Degree in Chemistry from University of Cincinnati, USA to Students of the College of Chemical Sciences

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A team of three academics and  administrators; Prof. Raj Mehta (Vice Provost/International Affairs), Professor Lisa Holstrom ( Senior Assistant Dean/ College of Arts and Sciences)  and Prof. G. A. Vamadeva ( Associate Professor of Mathematics)   from University of Cincinnati, USA visited the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon on 11th October 2016 and renewed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)  agreed upon between the two institute  six years ago    making it    more productive and attractive to both the institutes.

Under the renewed MOU, the students enrolled in to the Graduateship Program in Chemistry (GIC) at the College of Chemical Sciences(CCS), finds even a better opportunity than it was before for entering into the  B.Sc. degree program   majoring in Chemistry  at  the University of Cincinnati, USA   after two years of study at  CCS. The students who maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 scale during the first two years at the CCS are eligible to enter into this (2+2) split degree program which awards a US degree certificate provided that, they posses a minimum  TOEFL IBT score of 79 and a minimum score of 15 in each section or a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 and a minimum of 5.5 in each section. The credits earned in all courses in chemistry and related areas at the CCS during the first two years are transferred  to    the University of Cincinnati  and the students thereafter   need to follow only  the remaining required courses in the next two years at the University of Cincinnati . This program makes the CCS students    to earn a US degree program majoring in   CHEMISTRY in  less than half the cost than those spending four years at the University of Cincinnati or any other US university to earn the same degree. Further,  all these graduates given opportunities for employments   in state or private sectors in  USA for the next three years after graduation and opportunities to enter into post graduate degree programs in US and other foreign universities.

In addition the CCS   awards   a “diploma”    for the transfer students for the studies completed in the first two at CCS. The qualified students if posses  a GPA of 3.25 from CCS at the entry stage into( 2+2 )split degree program are eligible to receive a   annual minimum GLOBAL SCHOLARSHIP  of US$ 7000/= and this scholarship can  reach  a maximum annual value of US$ 15,000/=   if they posses a cumulative GPA of 3.9 over the first two years  of  studies at CCS at the point of admission to the split degree program.

Among the many   opportunities  provided to    academic staff of   both  institutes;   provisions for collaborations   in research and training programs,   engaging in consulting services and evaluation programs opening through both institutes , conducting  joint  lecture courses to degree programs in both institutes  , exchanging of materials, articles  and publications, joint  sponsorships  for conferences and joint publications can be highlighted as more directly beneficial features   to academics of the College of Chemical Sciences under the new MOU.

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Program Coordinator & Professor in Chemistry,

College of Chemical Sciences,

Institute of Chemistry Ceylon

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