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Aura 2019 – The most anticipated night of the year

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Are you a “chemistry enthusiast”? A science geek perhaps? Have you ever been fascinated by the wonders and applications of ‘the central science’? Are you longing to quench that thirst for knowledge and pursue your passion in science?  If you’re someone who’s always had a passion for chemistry, then CCS is the place to be! 

The College of Chemical Sciences, acts as the educational arm of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, which is the professional body of chemists in Sri Lanka. Offering two professional qualifications namely the Graduateship in Chemistry, which is a four year programme in Chemistry, accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK, and the Diploma in Laboratory Technology, which is a two year programme, CCS continues to be a leading option for tertiary education in the chemical sciences. Today it has inspired many students with a passion for chemistry to achieve greater heights than they’ve ever thought possible. 

Probably the first word that crosses your mind upon hearing the words “chemist” or “scientist”, would be “nerd”. However the students at CCS are far from being simply labelled as nerds. In fact, the phrase “jack of all trades” would be a fitting title for them as juggling studies with extra-curricular activities has become their ‘forte’. Being exposed to a wide variety of activities ranging from sports, aesthetics, clubs and societies, religious and social events, these aspiring chemists not only get the chance to hone their leadership skills, soft skills and personalities, but also discover the inner talents buried within them. The skills and experiences thus acquired at CCS are what makes a graduate chemist a desirable or more preferred candidate for employment in both the corporate world and the academic arena.

Even amidst the hectic academic schedules, life at CCS hasn’t always been about books or lectures. After all, what is the point of a memorable college life if there’s no fun involved? The CCS calendar bears witness to this fact, as it includes a number of cultural events, sporting events and of course, the most anticipated night of the year: Aura.

Aura, the annual talent show of CCS, has been a platform for our very own budding chemists to showcase their aesthetic abilities. It is a night which is built on the blood, sweat and tears of the Student Association of CCS, who along with the rest of the student community put their heart and soul into making the night a true spectacle. Since its inception in 2010, Aura has brought to light the many talents concealed within the inner chemist. Over the years, audiences have witnessed pure magic being conjured onstage in the form of melodious music, groovy dance moves and entertaining comedy. The most recent one, AuraX, was  held at BMICH on the 29th of July. It celebrated the ten-year legacy of exceptional talents of our very own chemists throughout the years, bearing witness to yet another splendid evening of grandeur.

Life is never dull for a student who is part of the “CCS family”. Not only do these budding chemists get to discover the wonders of Chemistry, they also get the chance to discover themselves, as they are groomed to achieve brilliance by aiming for the skies. Time spent as an undergraduate at CCS can be the time of your life!