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Rector’s Message

Since its founding in 1941, the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon has been the one of, if not the oldest, professional bodies in Sri Lanka. It has made an enormous contribution to the scientific community especially through its academic branch which is the College of Chemical Sciences. It has indeed grown to become Sri Lanka’s flagship, tertiary educational body, known for its excellence in academic and professional standards by both the national and the international communities.

Over the past four decades since its inception, the College of Chemical Sciences has dominated the Sri Lankan tertiary educational sector as the largest producer of Graduate Chemist and Chemistry Technicians of the highest standard, easily surpassing the total annual output of chemistry graduates from all the other local universities combined. We have thus far produced over 1, 000 Graduate Chemists as well as another 1, 000 Chemistry Technicians.

As we look towards the future of not only Sri Lanka, but the entire world, there is one fact which is clearly evident – knowledge is becoming a key resource and highly proficient professionals and graduates, especially in the field of the chemical sciences, will be highly sought-after. The challenge that we have taken up is to generate these highly skilled professionals who are not only competent with their knowledge, but are also innovative and highly capable of generating novel ideas that will benefit society. To meet these challenges we have brought together the best and the brightest academics staff from all the universities, businesses, government agencies, as well as research institutions. Our highly skilled academics as well as our innovative teaching methodologies and practices would indeed define our final output and mark them with our high standards and it is our hope that they would go out and change the world for a better future.

We look forward to welcoming you to the College of Chemical Sciences, Institute of Chemistry Ceylon and to wish you success in your academic studies.

With my warmest wishes…

Professor S. P. Deraniyagala
Rector, College of Chemical Sciences.