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AURA Talent Show

The AURA Talent Show is the most popular of all the events conducted at the College. This event presents an arena where vivid talents are brought forward by our multi-talented future Chemists from all the levels. The event is an extravaganza with fabulous dancing, singing, music and drama performed by the students from all the levels. Renowned artists and are also invited for special performances at the event. The show is organized by Students’ Association of the College of Chemical Sciences.

Freshers’ Night

The Freshers’ Night is another popular event the College where the freshman students are all formally accepted as part of the IChem family. It is a night of music, dance, merriment and camaraderie where students from all the level mingle together as one and celebrate the addition of new members to our ever-growing family of IChem.


Sinhalese and Hindu New Year Celebration

During this event the entire College comes together as one family to celebrate the true spirit of the  Sinhala and Hindu New Year. Everyone takes part in observing New Year customs as well as in traditional games.


Poson Dhamma Sermon and Bakthi Geetha

This is a religious and social observance where a Buddhist priest is invited to deliver a sermon and also bless the Institute and all its members. It is also a way of sharing aspects of the different religions with all our diverse student population so as to develop understanding as well as respect for all religions.


Thanksgiving Mass

The Thanksgiving Mass is held at the beginning of every year on the day of the Inauguration in order to bless everyone for a happy and successful year ahead.


Navarathri Observance

The Navarathri Observance is a Hindu religious activity that is conducted at the Institute annually in the month of November. During this event the everyone takes part in religious observances which are followed by a rich cultural extravaganza of traditional music, dancing and drama.


Ramadan Celebration

This is an Islamic religious event held annually at the Institute, usually in the month of August, immediately following the holy month of fasting which is observed by all Muslims. During this event we promote the understanding of the Islamic religion among our students and staff through discussions as well as religious and cultural observances and finally conclude the event with a grand feast which is open to everyone.


Christmas Party

This event is held in the month of December every year in order to celebrate Christmas and the coming of the New Year. It is one of the largest and grandest events held at the Institute second in scale only to the AURA talent show. This is a night of merriment where everyone comes together to share the memories of an year past and celebrate the coming of a New Year with music, drama and dancing.