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Postgraduate Research

The research capabilities of the College of Chemical Sciences was recently expanded so as to enable postgraduate research in addition to the undergraduate research work. Through this scheme the College of Chemical Sciences opens its doors to prospective research students to conduct their research project at the College and utilized all the resources which we possess. Not only that, the College also provides research funding through a scheme of competitive grants to promising research candidates.

Postgraduate level research is conducted in collaboration with external academic entities where the students are enrolled for postgraduate degrees in Sri Lankan State Universities and the College of Chemical Sciences provides them access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and other requires physical resource as well as funding. This scheme provides the students the opportunity to work with a member of our distinguished academic staff who represent the finest chemists in Sri Lankan tertiary education system.

We offer students a selection of research areas in the chemical sciences for postgraduate studies with our major research strengths in the areas of Bio-fuel and Renewable Energy, Computational Chemistry, Applied Analytical Chemistry, and Natural Product Chemistry.

Research Grants offered by the IChemC

Grant Number Principal Investigator Project


Status Name of RA
2013-1 Dr. (Mrs) C. Udawtte


Coumarin derived inhibitors for human DNA topoisomerase I and II: in silico approach



(M. Phil)


Ms. A G Guruge

BSc. (Sp. Computational Chemistry) (Colombo

2013-2 Dr. U.S.K. Welwegamage


Preparation analysis and applications of semi-synthetic biofuels originating from natural fatty acids


Completed (research) Ms. P H Gamage


2014-1 Dr. (Ms) Gobika Thiripuranather Evaluation of bioactive compounds in pulp and byproducts of different mango varieties from Sri Lanka. Completed

(M. Phil)

Ms. Anoosheeya Kugansan,

A.I. Chem. C (Graduate Chemist)(Upper Second)

2015-2 Dr. R. Pathipan


A study of absorption of toxic elements; Cd, As, Cr, Pb and Hg in selected rice varieties (Oryza sativa L.) in relation to their status in two different management systems.


Completed   (M. Phil)

(M. Phil)

N.M.C.M. Navarathana,

GIC (Upper Second)

2016-2 Dr. Sameera R. Gunatilake


Enhancing crop productivity and minimize toxic heavy metal uptake of four economically important agricultural plants in Sri Lanka using tea waste bio char Ongoing  Chaturi Peiris
2017-1 Dr. Dinusha Udukala ‘Evaluation of semiochemicals present both in the host plant (brinjal) leucinodes

orbonalis and brinjal fruit and shoot borer (BFSB) in Sri Lanka’.

Ongoing Ms. M S Fathima Nusra
2017-2 Dr Chinthaka Ratnaweera ‘Identification of novel Linamarin analogs as potent anticancer drugs through a

Computational Chemistry study’.

Not yet started Mr Senal Dinuka

NSF Research Grants received.




Dr. U S K Weliwegamage


Production of bioethanol as a renewable energy source using microbial fermentation with some selected microbial species using economical substrates Completed Ms. R S Hewawasam

GIC (Upper Second)