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Chemistry Olympiad

International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) is just one out of the 12 International Science Olympiads held in the world. The rest cover other disciplines, such as Mathematics, Physics, Biology etc. IChO is headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia of the former Eastern Bloc. It began in 1968 with participation from Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary. Other Eastern European countries joined the program soon after. Western European nations entered in 1974 and the USA in 1984.

Presently 75 countries participate in this annual competition held for the world’s most talented secondary school level chemistry students. To date 48 contests (except in 1971), have been held, a competition which originated in 1968. The Olympiad program is a multi-tiered competition and consists of the following format.

  1. Local section competition
  2. National Olympiad examination
  3. Study camp
  4. International chemistry Olympiad (IChO)

 Goals of the Olympiad, to name a few are,

  • To stimulate young aspiring minds to achieve excellence in chemistry.
  • To recognize outstanding chemistry students.
  • To encourage additional systematic learning at a formative age in their intellectual development.
  • To foster networking through multicultural experience.
  • To recognize the untiring input given by the teacher and the teaching methodologies adopted.

Institute of Chemistry is the country representative to hold Local Chemistry Olympiad competition in Sri Lanka.